Light Dragons

A "Dragon Cave" Fan Community

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Dragons, dragons and more dragons!

This is a "dragon keeping" community for dragon eggs "stolen" from Dragon Cave.

How this community works ...

When another member of this community posts an entry containing an image of a dragon egg make sure you click on the egg to help it to hatch.
Once the egg hatches please make sure you then click on the image of the hatchling to help it mature into an adult dragon. Have fun and enjoy!

A few friendly community guidelines ...

Using LJ-cut tags within this community is entirely optional.

Please post all eggs and hatchlings that you want help with to hatch and grow in one post.

You may also include a link back to your own Dragon Cave scroll (no other links will be allowed).

You may post such an entry once per day. In the case of emergencies you may post as often as needed.

Please make sure you have other peoples permission to do so before posting their eggs and hatchlings to this community.

Please do not treat this place as somewhere to simply drop off your eggs and hatchlings and then run away ... nobody appreciates a drop-and-run member. Even if you haven't got the time to stick around the community and click on all of the daily drops at least have the common decency to stop for a quick moment or two after dropping off your own brood and click on at least one other member's eggs and hatchlings. Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Members: please keep in mind that this community is for the posting of any eggs or hatchlings that have been stolen from Dragon Cave. If you would like to post any other adoptable pets within this community please make sure you get permission to do so first. Many thanks in advance again for your cooperation.

Should you have any questions or any concerns about this community please do not hesitate to contact the maintainer ... the easiest way to do just that is by sending a private LJ message and the maintainer will get back to you as soon as they are able to. Thank you!

Affiliate communities and sites ...
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